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Brooklyn farm, New York

About This Project

About This Project

NYC courts are where Basketball as a sport was born. This project attempts to give the power of design back to kids that play on those courts.


All products created here originated from the insights gathered while talking to young athletes under the age of 17yrs.

Through conversation – I discovered the needs and wishes of the people who would ultimately wear Adidas apparel. Questions ranging from – what features and fabrics they liked, to how the sport is perceived – were addressed.

The apparel has been made out of cotton and polyester blend fabrics which are traditionally used in the lifestyle garment segment but have been technically enhanced through the use of laser perforations, seam bonding, and strategic fabric placements. Every piece has Basketball-specic features and functions but ts perfectly in the athlete’s wardrobe as they make their way from street to court without needing an outt change.


My lm is a visual example of a New Narrative for the sport which sees teams of both genders – picked on the basis of ability.

The backdrop is Pier 1 in NYC where kids play alongside adults on the courts and create an inclusive atmosphere of community.

The images are a true depiction of the present day reality of the sport and how its played on the street, while also oering a visual lookbook for how Adidas can create a new and approachable vision for the sport.

The project was created at the Brooklyn farm, NYC as an internal research project for the “Future of sport” with no commercial release for the lm or the product.

All images are self-generated with reserved usage rights.

Music rights – sit with the original artists.

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